Thoroughly Modern Millie

I was in Thoroughly Modern Mille from the opening in January 2002 through July of that year when I left to go to another project.

Shortly after Assassins was postponed in 2001, I auditioned to join the ensemble of the show after having been the audition reader for a lot of the process.  I got it and understudied the role of Jimmy, played by Gavin Creel, love interest of Millie Dillmount.  Rehearsals in January of 2002.

On March 23rd, the show was in the middle of it’s fifth public performance when Gavin’s knee suddenly gave way during the “Speakeasy” dance number.  I was offstage right in a quick change when Catherine Brunell came speeding by proclaiming that “Gavin blew his knee out!”.  Having had no rehearsal to speak of besides learning music around the piano, MY knees gave out too!  Minutes later, while I was onstage as Kenneth (Muzzy’s Butler), doing Rob Ashford’s Tony-winning choreography, I was beckoned from the wings to leave the stage and get into Jimmy’s costume for the second act.  Assistant director Paul Dobie followed me around with a script and water while I was thrown into Gavin’s costume.  Before each scene, I was told where to enter and exit, and the rest I managed to pull out of my memory of watching Gavin out of the corner of my eye.  The incredible company of actors helped me out, subtly whispering choreography and blocking to me as they went along, and I made it through.  I played Jimmy for the next 18 performances and a few lines that were "happy accidents" made it into the final script.

Brandon’s Last performance was July 21st

Pardon the low-res pics below.  This was a long time ago!

Official Poster

Sutton Foster

Director Michael Mayer

Rob Ashford

Then Chorus member Casey Nicholaw

Just the Boys in Rehearsal

Tony made of Fruit

Harriet Harris