The Real Dirt…

Brandon grew up in rural North Carolina and found his love of music at an early age by performing in and helping set up his father’s band.  His first gig in front of a crowd of 5,000 came at the ripe old age of 5 and he has been hooked ever since.  Brandon’s first big break as a singer came when he was asked to sing at the Merle Watson Festival in Wilkesboro, NC for a crowd of over 100,000.  He performed between bluegrass legends Allison Krauss and Emmylou Harris.  Also on the card was one of Brandon’s favorite bands, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.

Brandon went to the North Carolina School of the Arts after working professionally for a few years after high school in regional theatres and in concert venues.  After a couple of years there he felt the best learned  lessons were waiting to be found and set out again to work in the professional world.  Brandon still has a close relationship with NCSA to this day and has given master classes at the esteemed University as well as other professional actor workshops around the country.

After college and a few months touring around the country in a van performing in spots all over the country, Brandon moved to New York City and immediately began working for 5-Time Tony Award winning costume designer William Ivey Long in his costume shop to pay the bills and get to know the business in New York.   He has worked on more than 20 Broadway shows with William over the years and still helps William out in a pinch.  Loyalty is very important to Brandon.   Being thrust into the world of Broadway in this way set Brandon on a course to learn about all aspects of the business and would pave the way for him to work in many capacities on shows and to communicate comfortably with just about anyone about their area of expertise.  This was not natural for Brandon as he grew up an only child and was quite shy when not onstage.   The access to the award-winning sexy clothes from Chicago and Cabaret made it possible for Brandon’s Glam-Rock Band, Violet Crush, to create a striking image to go along with their kick-ass hard rock music.  The band’s most recognized achievement was booking a gig with none other than Motley Crüe and The Scorpions at Jones Beach.  Brandon was not satisfied with life on the road with gorgeous women, all the Jack Daniel’s he could stand and decadent nights of debauchery, so he decided to go to an open call and see if he could get back into acting.

Brandon went to his first EPA and walked away with a role in James Joyce’s The Dead.  The show starred Christopher Walken and Brandon thought he was in heaven.   Ask him to tell you the story about Chris and “sweets” sometime.  Although it was critically acclaimed, the show only lasted 5 months on Broadway and then went on the road for a year where Brandon stayed with it and played at the Ahmanson Theatre in L.A. as well as the Eisenhower Theatre at the Kennedy Center.  After this, Brandon had had plenty of Joyce for a lifetime.

Since then, Brandon has been busy counting his blessings and adding to the list of wonderful people that he’s had the pleasure to meet throughout his career.