James Joyce’s the Dead

While appearing in Glimmerglass at Godspeed Opera House where I got my Equity Card, I came into Manhattan for a day to attend my very first Equity Open Call which was for understudies for the Broadway transfer of James Joyce’s the Dead from Playwright’s Horizons.  This audition would eventually lead to my first Broadway show.  I heard about it from my dresser friend Sarah Laux (now a fancy Costume Designer) who said, “There’s this guy Dash in it who you look a lot like, I’m sure you’ll get it.  Do you play the drum?”  I did and then I did.

The show, as one might gather, was based on James Joyce’s short story of the same name from The Dubliners.  The production starred Christopher Walken, Blair Brown and a host of other theatrical luminaries, and was directed by Richard Nelson, who also wrote the Tony-winning Book.  Shaun Davey wrote the lovely, stirring authentic Irish music that made up the score.  For the role, I learned to play the Bodhran, a traditional Irish Drum.

Pardon the low res pics below.  This was the dawn of digital cameras for all!

The Evidence

Official Poster

My Broadway Debut

Marni Nixon

Dancin' a Jig!

Shay Duffin

Alice Ripley