Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations started rehearsals in November and ran through April 24th 2005.  I starred as the wild and crazy Dave in this Production and sang I Get Around amongst other stuff.

The musical follows the tale of three high school friends who want to escape their small New England town and drive to California. However, none of them own a car, so they invite the unpopular valedictorian girl who has a crush on one of the guys to use her for her car.  Drama and romance ensue.

The cast also starred Tituss Burgess as Eddie, David Larsen as Bobby, Kate Reinders as Caroline, and Jessica-Snow Wilson as Marcella. The ensemble included: Tracee BeazerHeath CalvertJanet DacalTom DeckmanSarah GlendeningMilena GovichSebastian ArcelusChad KimballAmanda KlootsJohn Jeffrey MartinJesse NagerDavid ReiserJackie SeidenAllison SprattCarlos L. EnciniasVasthy MompointSteve Morgan and Krysta Rodriguez.

Official Poster

with David Larsen and Tituss Burgess

with Beach Boy Mike Love

Brian Wilson signed it!

Future wife Sarah Glendening

director Jon Carrafa

with Kate Reinders

Neil and David